Congratulations to our Grades 9 and 12 students for their outstanding results in the official exams. 13 very good and 10 good out of 32 in grades 9. 7 very good and 11 good out of 44 in grade 12. Hats off to their success and well deserved!            Le projet de la labellisation CELF a été lancé à la BMS.            Congratulations!! BMS has earned the renewal for ISA accreditation for the period 2014-2017. Thank you BMS students, teachers, and administrators for your fruitful efforts and work. Well-deserved BMS!            Welcome to BMS   

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BMS Early Childhood Education provides an intellectually stimulating curriculum that promotes social interaction, high self-esteem, and a strong foundation for excellence in future scholastic achievements.

Our program is geared towards Social and Emotional development, Language/Mathematics and Science growth thus enhancing your child's capabilities progressively. Having programs in English and French, our Early Childhood Education enables the child's development by expanding his/her potential in the language sector.
During our program, we focus on your child's expansion by means of Multiple Intelligence strategies. We consider in intensifying his/her intelligence skills as being primary and fundamental. Moreover, working with the bodily, imaginative, emotional, social and cognitive aspects of each child will increase his/her potential in future accomplishments and developments.

Language is encouraged through an affirmative approach by communicating, writing, reading, hearing and understanding one another. Our program also provides the child an affluent method of managing Science and Mathematics through analyzing, solving, predicting thinking and understanding concepts and theories.

   We distinguish each child as a distinctive element. Through Creative Media and Computers we furnish a meaningful experience for self-expression. We provide stimuli to help your child grow intellectually and morally. We offer a wide range of interests for your child to explore. We encourage your child to express him/herself verbally in peer-group and teacher-child relationships through interaction.

  We do acknowledge your child's need by expanding his/her ability to express him/her artistically; therefore, our program enforces this means for inspiration by introducing Music and Art to each element.
Our resource room is fully equipped and ready to provide you child with any of his/her necessities. A cycle of a three year period will conclude the KG II and grande section level, through which they will celebrate their graduation in a ceremonial style.

  We invest our best on assuring your child's positive performance and behavior. Needless to say, all this is accomplished through a dedicated staff which is committed to creating an atmosphere of love, understanding and a responsive home environment. We reassure you its very best in guiding and serving your child with our utmost assistance and contentment.
Address: Bir Hassan - Airport Road - Near Fantasy World
Tel. 01/ 451 241 - 03/ 452996 (Adm) 03/ 332290 - fax: 01/ 451242