Congratulations to our Grades 9 and 12 students for their outstanding results in the official exams. 13 very good and 10 good out of 32 in grades 9. 7 very good and 11 good out of 44 in grade 12. Hats off to their success and well deserved!            Le projet de la labellisation CELF a été lancé à la BMS.            Congratulations!! BMS has earned the renewal for ISA accreditation for the period 2014-2017. Thank you BMS students, teachers, and administrators for your fruitful efforts and work. Well-deserved BMS!            Welcome to BMS   

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Middle school is comprised of classes from grade seven to grade nine (Brevet). These are the years when children grow and confront most of the changes at the physical and emotional level. In fact they may start middle school as children and graduate from grade nine as young adults.
Beirut Modern School recognizes its responsibility for the education of the students as a whole. Consequently, the school adapts its program as an integral part of real life experiences, by challenging every one of them to attain the highest degree of intellect and skills. In that respect each individual can contribute to society by working toward the fulfillment of the school’s goals. This will ensure that the educational process is dynamic and beneficial to all.
All students will be given the opportunity to extend and expand their knowledge in the different core disciplines, as well as enriching the other subjects. The framework of the program comprises ten subject clusters: English, Arabic and French will remain with math the core subject matters. Science, social studies and the third language will continue to form an integral part of the learning. In addition to these courses, the school expects students to improve their skills in the different inspirational disciplines: art, music, information technology, and physical education.
During grade nine, all Lebanese students are required to sit for the Brevet Official Exams and succeed to be eligible for grade ten. The school also offers the opportunity for non-Lebanese students and Lebanese students who obtain an exemption from joining the Lebanese program from the Ministry of Education, to enroll in the High School program which will lead them to receive a school diploma and pursue their studies at the university level.



Secondary school or General Baccalaureate comprises classes from grade ten to twelve. It is organized into series or streams (Economics and Sociology, Humanities, Life Science and General Science.).

Grade ten (or seconde générale ou commune) students have, in total, ten courses of study (English, French, Arabic, math, physics, biology, chemistry, social studies, economics, and sociology) and Physical Education. The different courses are given different coefficients according to the number of hours/ week. At the end of the year students are split into two grade eleven sections: Scientific (11S or 1èreS) or Literary (11L or 1èreL) according to their qualifications and the school’s promotion requirements policy.

In grade eleven one more course of study is included in the program: Philosophy. In each section the different courses are also given different coefficients according to the numbers of hours/ week. At the end of the school year, grade eleven students from each section are again split in two different streams. The grade 11L section can be promoted to either Grade twelve Humanities (12H or TH) or Grade twelve Economics and Sociology (12ES or TES). Whereas grade 11S section can be promoted to either grade twelve Life Science (12LS or TSV) section or grade twelve General Science 12GS or TSG) section. In each of these classes and sections the school applies its policy for graduation.

All Lebanese students are required to sit for the Baccalaureate Official Exams in grade twelve. The success in these exams is a pre-condition for their admission to universities, locally and abroad. Whereas high school (or non-Lebanese Program) students have to complete all school requirements to be eligible for a high school diploma and admission to university.

In grade eleven and twelve, students are given the opportunity to start preparing for college or university admission through a series of orientation sessions, meetings at school, or visits to different local high standard private universities. In grade ten and eleven of both sections (English and French) one of the components of the English language course is SAT and TOEFL, which prepares students for admission to certain local and international colleges. At the same time students of 1ère and Terminales are prepared for the French Test d’Aptitude, which is a requirement for admission to Université Saint Joseph.

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