Congratulations to our Grades 9 and 12 students for their outstanding results in the official exams. 13 very good and 10 good out of 32 in grades 9. 7 very good and 11 good out of 44 in grade 12. Hats off to their success and well deserved!            Le projet de la labellisation CELF a été lancé à la BMS.            Congratulations!! BMS has earned the renewal for ISA accreditation for the period 2014-2017. Thank you BMS students, teachers, and administrators for your fruitful efforts and work. Well-deserved BMS!            Welcome to BMS   
Admission Procedure
> The following are the steps in the admission procedure:

>> Acquire all the needed documents (refer to required documents for admission).
>> Interview with parents.
>> An admission committee will study the application and the results of the entrance exams.
>> Applicants must provide an official document from their previous school certified by the Ministry of Education attesting to their successful completion of the previous academic year.

> Applicants coming from abroad should also get:

>> Official final grades signed by the Ministry of Education and the Lebanese Embassy in the foreign country, and then authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon.
>> From grade 7 till 12: An equivalency to be handed and attained from the Lebanese Ministry of Education at Unesco.
>> Upon admission, a student will have to pay a development fee of $300.
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