Beirut Modern School

      Welcome to BMS          Year 2022 is the year of distinction and superiority at BMS. Its students have achieved TWO of the First Ten ranks in the Official Exams in Lebanon for this year. Beirut Modern School is so proud of its students as well as the highly qualified teachers and all its academic team.        

School Fees

Amounts are in Lebanese Pounds

Fees (L.L)
Early Childhood (English/French) 12,500,000
Cycle I (English/French) 12,400,000
Cycle II (English/French) 12,400,000
Cycle III (English/French) 12,500,000
Secondary (English/French) 13,700,000

Payment Procedure

Old Students Registration fee of L.L 2,000,000 to be paid in May
New Students Registration fee of L.L 2,000,000 to be paid as of May till September

Deferred Payment

1st Payment 1 September till 30 September
2nd Payment 1 December till 15 January
3rd Payment 1 March till 31 March


Students are admitted to BMS without regard to race, creed, gender, national origin or religious beliefs.
Applicants to all levels are evaluated on the basis of their academic abilities and willingness to conform to the school rules and regulations in addition to the interview and the scores obtained in the entrance exam.
The entrance exam is divided into three parts, Arabic, English/French and Mathematics for students applying to Grades 2/CE1 till Grade 8/4ème. As of Grade 9/3ème, in addition to the aforementioned subjects in the entrance exam, applicants are also examined in the science subjects.

For the candidates applying to the early childhood education and Grade 1/CP do not sit for the entrance exam, instead they are only interviewed. Priority is given to those who meet the criteria for acceptance who apply early.
The School informs the parents of the results of the entrance exam within 2 weeks of its placement.
The pupil – teacher ratio question has for long been debated and since a large number of students in a class no doubt impede individualized instruction and attention, B.M.S. has adopted the policy of accommodating only 25 students in a class.

Required Documents

Admission Procedure

The following are the steps in the admission procedure:

Acquire all the needed documents (refer to required documents for admission).
Acquire all the needed documents (refer to required documents for admission).
Interview with parents.
An admission committee will study the application and the results of the entrance exams.
Applicants must provide an official document from their previous school certified by the Ministry of Education attesting to their successful completion of the previous academic year.
Official final grades signed by the Ministry of Education and the Lebanese Embassy in the foreign country, and then authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon.
From grade 7 till 12: An equivalency to be handed and attained from the Lebanese Ministry of Education at Unesco.
Upon admission, a student will have to pay a development fee of L.L 900,000..