Beirut Modern School

      Welcome to BMS          Year 2022 is the year of distinction and superiority at BMS. Its students have achieved TWO of the First Ten ranks in the Official Exams in Lebanon for this year. Beirut Modern School is so proud of its students as well as the highly qualified teachers and all its academic team.        

About Beirut Modern School

BMS is a private Lebanese educational institution, established in 1995. Its campus is situated off the Beirut International Airport Highway, only 5 – 10 minutes away from downtown Beirut. The campus consists of a six-storey building, designed to foster an open, bright, and inviting working atmosphere for students and staff. There are three open-air playgrounds and two enclosed play areas, in addition to a large gymnasium and theater and a new covered roof playground for upper school students.

The classrooms are designed to accommodate no more than 22 students to provide ample chance for optimum class interaction. The computer labs, science lab, and libraries are professionally equipped and set-up to be assimilated into and compliment the educational process at the school which largely encourages reading, research, communication, independent learning, and inquiry learning.


School Mission & Vision Statement

Mission & Vision Statement

The vision of Beirut Modern School is to build the intellectual capacities of its learners which must be derived from a logical and factual analysis aimed at achieving future goals through logical creativity and broad knowledge. This role must stand out in the field of self-development, problem-solving ability, independent decision-making that shows a sense of responsibility and full awareness. To a very great extent, the vision and mission of Beirut Modern School is to create an educational and cultural environment based on social interdependence and mutual respect among the members of one community.
As the mission achieves the vision and vice versa, the school adopts a motto that affirms the above perspective: "Do What You Write, and Write What You Do". This is reflected in the pioneering educational and academic role towards all level learners of Beirut Modern School.


Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
As Principal of Beirut Modern School, I would like to welcome and thank you for visiting our school’s website to learn about our curriculum, activities and services we graciously offer at BMS. This website has been prepared in the hope that it will become a valuable resource for you and provide you with school news and useful information. It has been developed to enable everyone to become familiar with our school, its policies, and other procedures.
Here at Beirut Modern School, our staff set high academic standards for our students. Our staff works diligently to ensure that each child is working to his or her maximum capabilities. BMS and its community have a common goal to do what is best for the students. Such an atmosphere offers an opportunity of collaboration among teachers, parents and students and creates a harmonious and efficient environment that nurtures students for the society. Each one of our staff members has given them the chance to work, to play, to dream and to achieve their goals.
The handbook website contains plenty of information that are important and useful. I urge you to read it thoroughly and thoughtfully. These guidelines are written in order to create an environment conducive to learning and a school where all feel safe and secure. The expectations for behavior written in our Code of Conduct are based on the essential value of respecting the rights and dignity of each other. Our school can continue to be an outstanding community when all adults treat all students with respect, when all students treat all adults with respect and when all students treat each other with respectful and responsible behavior.
There are challenges ahead of us, however, as I often say, together we can truly make a great difference, and with the support of the management, staff, parents and students, the school will reach greater heights in the years to come. I will always encourage you to accept the challenge to be a model of respectful behavior at BMS.
At Beirut Modern School, school years provide students with a wonderful opportunity to discover their unique talents and gifts. One way to learn is through the variety of educational processes, indoor and outdoor activities, various individual and collective skills and teams that exist at BMS. There are outstanding athletic teams, art and musical programs, and academic groups that will help students to learn more about themselves and to develop friendships that may last a lifetime. Take a chance by getting involved and trying something new.

School life at BMS is unlike any other time in your life. Its Educational Titles are: “Study hard, challenge yourself, set high goals and enjoy yourself.” We are very fortunate to have a great school with great students and teachers. Make this time some of the most valuable and productive years of your life.
The adults who work here will offer you help along the journey. Please ask for our assistance. We want to be a part of your success and vice versa. Along with the faculty and staff, I wish you an exciting and successful year.

Ali El Khishen

Message du Directeur

Chers parents,
En tant que directeur de l’école Beirut Modern School, j'aimerais vous souhaiter la bienvenue et vous remercier de visiter le site Web de notre école pour découvrir nos programmes, nos activités et nos services proposés gracieusement à la BMS. Ce site Web a été conçu dans l'espoir qu'il vous sera une ressource précieuse des nouvelles de l'école et des informations utiles. Il a été élaboré pour se familiariser avec notre école, sa politique, ses stratégies et ses procédures.
Ici, à Beirut Modern School, notre personnel, ayant établi des normes académiques élevées, travaille avec diligence afin que chaque élève réalise tout son potentiel. L’école BMS et sa communauté ont pour objectif commun d’inculquer ce qui est le meilleur, à nos apprenants. Une telle ambiance crée d’une part, une opportunité de collaboration entre les enseignants, les parents et les élèves, et d’autre part, un environnement harmonieux et efficace qui prépare, de mieux, les élèves à la vie sociale. Chaque membre de notre personnel, leur donne l’opportunité d’apprendre, de jouer, de rêver et d'atteindre leurs objectifs.
Le site Web de notre établissement présente de nombreuses informations importantes et utiles. Je vous invite à le lire attentivement et soigneusement. Ces lignes directrices sont rédigées afin de créer un environnement propice à l'apprentissage et un endroit sécurisant à tous. Les attentes en matière de comportement inscrites dans notre Règlement de conduite reposent sur la valeur essentielle du respect des droits et de la dignité. Notre école peut continuer à être une communauté exceptionnelle lorsque tous les adultes traitent tous les élèves avec respect, lorsque tous les élèves traitent tous les adultes avec respect et lorsque tous les élèves se comportent respectueusement tout en ayant un sens de responsabilité.
Des défis nous attendent, cependant, comme je le dis souvent, ensemble nous pouvons vraiment faire une grande différence grâce au soutien de la direction, du personnel, des parents et des élèves, l'école atteindra l’apogée dans les années à venir. Je vous encouragerai toujours à accepter le défi tout en appréciant le modèle de comportement respectueux à la BMS.
À Beirut Modern School, les années scolaires offrent aux élèves une merveilleuse occasion de s’épanouir et de découvrir leurs talents et leurs dons uniques par le biais des méthodes pédagogiques variées, des activités à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de l’école , et grâce aux multiples compétences individuelles et collectives des équipes travaillant à la BMS. Les équipes sportives très compétentes, les programmes artistiques et musicaux bien conçus et les groupes académiques dévoués aideront les élèves à en apprendre davantage sur eux-mêmes et à nouer des relations amicales qui pourraient durer toute une vie. Tentez votre chance en vous y impliquant et en y découvrant une nouvelle vie scolaire.

La vie scolaire à la BMS ne ressemble à aucun autre moment de votre vie. Ses directives pédagogiques sont : « Étudiez sérieusement, mettez-vous au défi, fixez-vous des objectifs élevés et amusez-vous. » Nous sommes très chanceux d'avoir une grande école avec d'excellents élèves et professeurs. Faites de cette période l'une des années les plus précieuses et les plus productives de votre vie.
Les adultes qui travaillent ici sont toujours disponibles à vous aider, à n’importe quel moment. N’hésitez pas à demander notre aide. Nous voulons faire partie de votre succès et vice versa. Avec le corps professoral et le personnel, je vous souhaite une année passionnante et fructueuse.

Le directeur



Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

* Eid Al-Adha

Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

* Hijri New Year

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

Assumption of Mary

Monday, August 28th, 2023

* Ashoura


All B.M.S. students are required to complete the medical data form circulated by the school in order to ensure that proper medical care is provided, particularly in case of emergencies.

Doctors of all kinds of specialties will frequently visit the school to conduct a medical check-up for each student. Students may consult the nurse at any time during the day. In case of serious illness, students' parents will be notified.

B.M.S. students are fully insured, so in case of serious accidents which occur on campus or in connection with any school-sponsored trip, students are transferred to the E.R. (Emergency Room) after notifying the parents.


Policies / Students' Handbook

The disciplinary regulations at BMS are to instill equilibrium between realizing one's self and the responsibility towards others.

Realizing one's self is encouraged but this should not be at the expense of the rights or needs of others; neither should it be at the expense of the academics imposed by BMS.

I- Disciplinary Probation

Proper discipline is always expected. The repletion of unacceptable behavior will lead to disciplinary probation. The administration will instill disciplinary probation should it be recommended by the disciplinary committee.

Disciplinary probation will be removed at the end of the term only if the student shows an improvement in his/her attitude and conduct.

The students will not be allowed to take part in a school extracurricular activity if he/she is on disciplinary probation.

Should the student not comply with the required behavior and attitude required by BMS, he/she will not be allowed to attend school.

II- Classroom Conduct

The student should show proper behavior and conduct during classroom hours. Any student who does not abide by the classroom regulations will have to endure the consequences. These consequences are set and approved by students and classroom teachers at the beginning of the year.

Students are expected to line up quietly when the bell rings for break.

Students are expected to have all school books and material required.

Students are not allowed to change their classroom seating, unless permission is given.

Students are expected to be prepared for the teacher to start the lesson.

Not to interrupt a lesson, students are not allowed to leave their seats during class hours (to sharpen pencils etc.)Also permission to use the rest room during classes is not allowed unless it is an emergency.

Students should avoid any classroom interruptions unless authorized.

It is up to the students to maintain classroom neatness and cleanliness.

Students will be held responsible for the damage of any classroom furnishings.

Students are restricted from eating, drinking or chewing gum during classes.

Students should present their homework on time; otherwise their grade will be affected.

All books, files, water flasks, jackets etc. should be taken home daily.

Students are not allowed to wonder around the hallways during and in between classes.

III- School Conduct

BMS expects its students to be polite, courteous, civil and well-mannered in their dealings with peers, teachers and any other member of staff.

Students who are verbally or physically abusive of others will be severely reprimanded; put on disciplinary probation, detained, or suspended from school.

BMS expects its students to respect its properties and the properties of others (vandalism, theft etc. will not be tolerated). Should a student par take in such an act, he/she will be placed on disciplinary probation or expelled from school.

Cleanliness of classrooms, hallways and playgrounds is a sign of civilization, and therefore is expected of the BMS students.

Cellular phones, MP3, MP4, CD Players, Games, portable play stations etc. are strictly prohibited at school. Once confiscated, it will be the parents' responsibility to retrieve any of the mentioned from the administration.

Should a student be caught smoking or in the possession of cigarettes will receive a written warning and will be expelled for a day.

Playing cards is not allowed at school.

Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the day, unless accompanied by his/her parents.

During break, students are allowed to remain in class in the presence of their teacher.

All material and possessions should be labeled (name of students, class etc.)

The bell is a reminder for the teacher that the period is over and not for students to move about.

Remember there are classes in session, so please use the hallways and the staircase quietly. Students under no circumstances are allowed to use the elevator.

IV- Absences

Attending all classes is mandatory. Should a student be absent then a written and signed note by parent should be presented stating a valid reason for the absence.

It is against regulations for the student to absent him/herself from class during the day. Should this occur, the student will not be allowed to resume classes unless a signed note is issued by the supervisor justifying his/her absence. The student is also responsible for all material given during his/her absence.

Should the student miss out on a test due to a valid reason (medical report), then arrangements should be made with the teacher to make up for the test.

Should the student absent him/herself from previously assigned test without a valid reason (medical report) then he/she will not be allowed to make up for the exam.

It is the absentee's responsibility to catch up with homework etc.

V- Lateness

The school bell rings at 7:35. Classes begin at exactly 7:40. Teachers will note down any student who comes in late. Should these latenesses surpass their limit, then strict measures will be taken.

A late student should pick up a lateness slip before being allowed to enter the classroom. The student will receive an oral warning after two latenesses.

The third lateness will earn the student a written warning.

Should the student continue being late after receiving the written warning, then he/she will not attend the first period of the day.

Recurring absences for unjustified reasons will be noted in the student's file and the matter will be brought to the attention of the administration and the parents.

Any suspended student is responsible for the material and homework given during his/her absence.

VI- Dress Code

BMS students are expected to attend school wearing the proper BMS dress code. Their appearance should be neat, tidy and presentable.

Short and tight PE T-shirts are not allowed.

Short skirts are not allowed.

Tight jeans are not acceptable

Make up and jewelry is not allowed

Body piercing and tattoos are not allowed.

Boys are not allowed to wear accessories and earrings.

Neat and trim hair is required of boys.

PE uniforms are only allowed on days when students have PE

VII- Quizzes and Tests

Should a student arrive to class late for an exam, no extra time will be allowed.

Borrowing material from classmates or communicating with them during exams is not allowed. Any student caught cheating will face severe discipline.

When the teacher indicated the end of the exam, all exam copies should be handed in promptly, the teacher reserves the right to refuse the copy in case of delay.

Should the student absent him/herself for a valid reason for an exam, he/she should make arrangements with the teacher to set another date otherwise the student will not obtain a grade for that particular exam.

VIII- Promotion Policy

To view or download, click on the link below:
Promotion Policy

All students and under all circumstances should respect the rules and regulations of the school set by the administration and the teachers. This will enable the student and teachers to fulfill their academic mission. Should the student violate the code of conduct, then severe disciplinary measures will be taken.